Ladies and Gentlemen, do you want to improve your internal (and external) vitality and start dancing?
At October 6, 2010 we are opening a dance class, which was originally planned for learning salsa, well, in the future it can be absolutely any «species» and «genres».
The so-called opening, or first class will take place at the address: 1136 Budapest Tátra utca 4 ( We will start at 21:00. Duration: 1 hour. Further sessions will take place to start tentatively on Wednesdays, from 20 or 20:30 (depending on availability of dance hall), plus the presence of willing sessions can be held at a different time and perhaps in other venues. The schedule can be very flexible, as we do ourselves and for ourselves.
Our Master speaks in Russian, Hungarian and English. Therefore, language barriers shouldn’t appear.
Approximate price is about 1500 Huf per person, but as I said above, all can be discussed.

So come yourself and bring your partner. If you’ll have troubles in finding partner, we will try to help.

Dress code is not required, most importantly that it should be convenient. And most importantly — comfortable shoes (heels are not recommended). Interchangeable footwear is needed when it is dirty outside, and we can be asked for the dance hall clearing.

Wednesday will be a presentation — what a salsa (around 10 minutes) and learning the basics.

All questions can be discussed by phone: +36 20 776 11 77

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